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Winter? What Winter?

Ben and I were thanking our lucky stars we’re in Texas this weekend! Perhaps it was the 80 degree weather when we know that throughout the rest of the country people are bundled up in parkas, perhaps we’re just inspired by all the recent Super Bowl love, or maybe just maybe, Houston is growing on us.

We’re feeling rather proud after successfully hosting our first Airbnb guest last weekend. He was a ton of fun–a Patriots fan, and his enthusiasm about the game was contagious! Not gonna lie, I felt my first twinge of excitement about football and couldn’t believe what was taking over me. After so much hulabaloo last weekend, and a crazy work week complete with filming and editing Youtube videos for hours on end, it was really nice to just chill out today and enjoy each other’s company.

Ben y yo pasamos un fin delicioso; creo que finalmente nos sentimos en casa aqui en Houston. Quizá sean las temperaturas de 80 grados cuando sabemos que en el resto del país están haciendo muñecos de nieve, o a lo mejor nos inspiró todo el amor que ha recibido Houston ultimamente por el Super Bowl, o tal vez sea posible que ya nos estemos encariñando con esta ciudad.

El fin pasado hospedamos a nuestro primer invitado de Airbnb–un fanático de los Patriots, ¡y su entusiasmo por el juego nos contagió! A decir verdad, fue la primera vez en mi vida que el fútbol americano me genera algo más que ganas de comer y ver los comerciales. Después de tanto relajo el fin pasado, y una semana ocupadísima en el trabajo (incluyendo 6 horas sin parar de filmar y editar videos para YouTube), no tener plan alguno y pasarla de flojos disfrutándonos mutuamente fue una bendición.

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Photos by Benjamin Vargas

5 thoughts on “Winter? What Winter?

  1. Dear Superholly, I’ve just seen your video about how to speak native spanish and I want to tell you that the word “puente” was femenine in ancient spanish, in reverse that in modern spanish. It keeps being femenine in other latin languages, like portugues.

  2. Dear Superholly:

    I just saw your “Ni de aqui, ni de alla” video and I must say it touched me very deeply. I too am a transplant. I am of Mexican descent living in the United States and have faced many of the same challenges and tribulations you discuss.

    Even now as an adult I often realize I belong neither here nor there. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

    Thank you !!!

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