Superholly WIFEY T-shirt by Aspyn Ovard shopaof

I figured I’d like it, but I didn’t anticipate just how much I’d love being a WIFEY (I suspect it has something to do with whose WIFEY i am). I saw this lovely T on Aspyn Ovard’s recently-launched online store and knew I had to get my hands on it, in the name of supporting YouTubers and celebrating one’s stage in life, naturally. Singlehood, you were a good time, but I am not mourning your departure.

In other notes, what do you think Ben and I should do about the last name situation? Should I take his, should he take mine, should I tack his on with a ‘de’ in the middle, Mexican style? I love that he’s as open to the possibilities as I am, but ultimately that leaves us undecided.


Me imaginaba que me iba a gustar, pero no pude predecir cuánto me encantaría ser ESPOSA (supongo que algo tiene que ver el hombre que se encargó de convertirme en una). Vi esta linda playera en la tienda recién lanzada de Aspyn Ovard, y sentí que fue hecha para mi. La compré de inmediato, bajo la premisa de apoyar a YouTubers y celebrar mi etapa actual en la vida. Me encantó vivir la etapa de mi soltería, pero no siento ni una onza de tristeza al verla partir.

Pasando a otro tema, ¿qué opinan de la situación de los apellidos? ¿Será que tomo el de el, o que el tome el mío? ¿O añado el suyo al mío con la palabra ‘de’ de por medio, estilo México? Me encanta que ambos seamos flexibles y estemos abiertos a las posibilidades, pero al final del día significa que seguimos indecisos.

light gray WIFEY T-shirt from shop AOF ASPYN OVARDlatte art at Common Bond Bakery in Houstonsuperholly casually showing off wedding ringsdrinking a latte at Common Bond Bakery in Houstonfashion blogger superholly wearing Shop AOF WIFEY TSHIRT with blush pink Adidas gazelles


2 thoughts on “WIFEY!

  1. Hello, I took on his last name. Sometimes I feel like I would have wanted to add “de” or just change it like my son has it “Castillo-Mendez” it’s a hard desicion. When I go to Mexico I am Mendez de Castillo and I love that!

  2. Totally do it Mexican stile. I would say. It is very honoring to Ben and his family if you were to do that. And less confusing for kids ( if that is in your future) to have two parent with different last names.

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