An afternoon in Galveston

houses on galveston beach

Finally made it out to Galveston after nearly two years living in Houston, and I must say it did not disappoint. Probably has something to do with the fact that we haven’t heard a soul say a nice thing about it. Low expectations lead to pleasant surprises. Write it down, kids. Plus, I’m pretty sure a beach trumps a concrete jungle any day of the week. Thanks to Julian and Kristin for the invitation and for nudging us to actually GO.

PS. My tastebuds are already pleading to go back for another bite of the best icecream in the world at LaKings!


Después de vivir casi dos años en Houston, finalmente visitamos Galveston. Superó nuestras expectativas, que por cierto no eran altas. No recuerdo haber escuchado una palabra positiva respecto al lugar. Cierto, no es Tulum, pero soy de las que creen que una playa siempre será preferible a una jungla de concreto. Y pues se trata de salirse de la rutina de vez en cuando, ¿no? Gracias a Julian y a Kristin por la motivación para ir, y por la excelente compañía.

Beach in Galveston, TX
Boys in Galveston
Jimmys on the pier Galveston
Galveston, TX
Holly and Benjamin
Galveston, TX
Paradise Pier Galveston, TX
Girls in Galveston, TX
Best friends
Frisbee on the beach
Frisbee on the beach
setting up on the beach
Galveston, TX
bright toenails
Benjamin y Holly
Coastline in Galveston
sunbathing in Galveston, TX
Happy couple on the beach
light lavender hair with roots
Tire tracks in the sand
Horse in Galveston, TX
Galveston, TX blog
Galveston, TX blog
Buildings in Old Town Galveston
Candies at LA Kings, Galveston, TX
LA Kings Ice Cream, Galveston
Galveston, TX blogger
Bright green bike

photos by Benjamin Vargas, Holly Tuggy, Julian García and Kristin Pendleton

3 thoughts on “An afternoon in Galveston

  1. Holly –

    I’m a native from Galveston and now living in Houston. If you liked Galveston now, you should have been their in the 80’s, it was the place to be during the summers!

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