Get those shoes under control!


I’d like to offer some helpful insight: one of the main reasons getting organized is so difficult for many of us is that we do not have a designated space for things to go. It is our job to a) get rid of some of the things we don’t have space for, or b) clear a space somewhere in our house and designate said space for said things.

Some serious executive decisions need to be made, my friends.

I personally favor clearing the space (I have the things i have because I actually LIKE them!), and I actually find joy in making that space as organized as possible.

I recently came to terms with the fact that not all of my shoes fit in the custom-made rack I brought from LA. They certainly couldn’t be left in a pile, and I feared that if I put them in boxes they would fade into the background of my memory never to be used again. I needed another solution– one that allowed the shoes to enter my peripheral vision at least once a day. Enter the SIMPLEST SHOE RACK EVER! I tend to be a little intimidated by ‘carpentry projects’, but having been around my boyfriend and his brother so much lately (those two are fearless and super creative!) I felt invincible and inspired. And it came our pretty darn good, if I dare say so myself!

Here are the steps:

Algo que he notado: una de las principales razones por las que nos es tan difícil organizarnos, es que no tenemos un espacio designado para poner nuestras cosas. Tendríamos que a) deshacernos de algunas cosas, o b ) liberar espacio en algún lugar de la casa y designar dicho espacio para dichas cosas.

Hay que tomar decisiones ejecutivas, mis amigos.

En lo personal, prefiero encontrar o crear un espacio (Tengo lo que tengo porque ME GUSTA!). Aunque suene raro, organizar es terapéutico para mi.

Recientemente me di cuenta que no todos mis zapatos caben en la zapatera que traje de LA. Desde luego que no los podía dejar en un montón en el piso, y guardarlos en cajas sólo haría que me olvidara de ellos. Necesitaba otra solución. Y aquí me entró la gran idea de crear LA ZAPATERA MAS SENCILLA DEL MUNDO! Para serte sincera, los “proyectos de carpintería” me intimidan un poco (bastante), pero el pasar tanto tiempo con mi novio y su hermano (ambos super creativos y buenísimos para los proyectos) me inspiró. Y salió bastante bien, creo yo…

Aqui están los pasos:


How do YOU organize your shoes?
Y tu, ¿cómo organizas tus zapatos?

7 thoughts on “Get those shoes under control!

  1. HA, I was literally JUST rocking out to this song on my drive home ANNNNDDD I effing JUST ordered a totally crappy shoe rack since (of course) my shoe sitch is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Thank you Holly for this super helpful and super easy DIY tutorial… I’ll now be returning this $60 POS that I got offline. 😛 xoxoxoxo

      1. Ha, NO… I’m re-watching your tutorial and giving it a shot this weekend! (fingers crossed)

  2. My boyfriend said he Was going to move out if I don’t straighten out my closet and start giving him BJs. I said. Yes to 1 but no to 2. He left but I at least have a neat closet for my next BF! FOOEY on men that are so dictatorial.

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