Make your own Magnetic Chalkboard Wall


The chalkboard wall.

Let’s be honest, at some point in your life you have considered having one in your house. You’ve fantasized about leaving your loved ones adorable little notes, jotting down memos in perfect typography, and leaving grocery lists that add a functional yet funky element to your decor.

Well, I too had been searching for just the right wall to transform and found it when we moved in to our new place here in Houston.

So, after 3 jaunts to the Home Depot (I can’t ever seem to get everything on the first try), 4 days of fumes, and hours of obsessing over the amazingly inspiring images of chalkboard art all over the internet, we finally have a finished product.

We are going to be writing, painting, tracing, and erasing for a looooong time!

Check out the video tutorial in english

here 🙂


La pared convertida en pizarrón.

Seamos sinceros: en algún momento de tu vida has considerado tener una pared/pizarrón en tu casa. Has fantaseado con la idea de dejarle notitas cursis a tu amor, de escribir memos en tipografía perfecta, y dejar listas para el super que le dan ese toque funcional y moderno a el look de la casa.

Pues, yo también había estado buscando la pared ideal para poder someterla a esta transformación y al fin la encontré en nuestra nueva casa aquí en Houston.

Asi que, después de 3 idas al Home Depot (siempre se me olvida algo), 4 días de oler a pintura, y horas de inspirarme con fotos de “chalkboard art” en el internet, por fin tenemos un producto final.

Vamos a estar pintando dibujando trazando y borrando por muuuucho tiempo!

Checa el tutorial en español

aquí 🙂





11 thoughts on “Make your own Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

  1. Great tutorial!

    Just to make sure I got this right:

    2 coats of magnetic paint with 30 minutes dry time in between and then 4 hours total drying . 1 coat of chalk paint with 3 days of drying time; then actual chalk and erased before it’s ready.

    Is that correct?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi, that is a cool project. Do you mind revealing what kind of projector you use with your computer/tablet for these designs? There is a restaurant near the Museum district in downtown Dallas called Lark on the Park that has artists and illustrators do blackboard art with white chalk that they change out every three months. Here is a link to their archives.


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