CRAZY Pantalones!


Me auto proclamo amante de los “pantalones locos” – pantalones con diversos colores, con estampados y dibujitos, pantalones con un ajuste único o irregular, pantalones que provocan un “¡Whoa”, “¡Órale!”, y “¿Por qué?” …

Lo que mas me alegra es incorporar estos pantalones en un conjunto sorprendente y colorido que me hace decir “te guste o te fascine, este es MI estilo!” :p


I am a self proclaimed lover of “crazy pants” – pants with colors, patterns, designs; pants with a unique fit or an irregular shape; pants that make you say “Whoa!”, “Yikes”, and “Why?”…

My favorite part is incorporating these pants into a surprising and colorful ensemble that makes ME say “Like it or love it, this is MY style!” (yes, like or love are the only two options) :p

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagepants:piko1988, top:silence+noise, shoes:ALDO, sunnies:Vince Camuto, Necklace:BCBG, watch:Michael Kors,

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